Criminal Defense

Any type of criminal case can have severe consequences that can affect your livelihood. You can lose your freedom, licensing privileges, your job, and have detrimental effects on your immigration status. Even the most minor of misdemeanor charges can seriously affect your life. Unfortunately, due to recent changes in the legislature, you may not be able to get a court-appointed attorney. Do not represent yourself! Pleading guilty can affect the rest of your life. Call Gibson Law, PLLC for your free consultation. Attorney Gibson will fight for you, no matter what the charges may be.

In her seven years of practice, Attorney Gibson has been mentored by some of the best criminal defense attorneys across the State of North Carolina. She has jury trial experience, extensive felony experience, and has attended numerous trainings on trial advocacy, felony defense and the practice of law in Federal Court. She has also practiced significantly in Juvenile Court. Attorney Gibson has an in depth understanding of the immigration consequences that one may face. Her entire career has been devoted to ensuring that her client’s immigration status is preserved and protected through every step of the legal process.
It is of utmost importance that you speak with Attorney Gibson to protect your interests. She is prepared to fight your case and intends to do so. As your attorney, she will fight to ensure the best possible outcome in court and avoid possible jail time! Call now to schedule your free consultation. You can speak with Attorney Gibson in either Spanish or English at 919.283.8785.