Gibson Law clients and potential clients should be assured that we remain open despite Covid-19, as legal services are an essential function in a modern society. We are prepared to serve our clients by representing them zealously in all matters and by continuing to fight for justice and fundamental rights for all. Even if we are working remotely, all office staff, including attorneys, are available during our normal business hours of 9-5, Monday through Friday.

We also acknowledge that some creativity may be required in the midst of this public health crisis, and we are therefore prepared to accommodate both new and prospective clients in a variety of ways, such as by holding phone conferences or virtual meetings online, or by having paperwork prepared for pick-up at our office—all in keeping with social distancing requirements and recommendations.

Our office is organized and well-prepared to run virtually in the event of any storm—whether that be inclement weather or global pandemic. Although our phone systems, case management, and other filings may be operating out of our home offices for the time being, our system is working, and we are here for you in this time of crisis and uncertainty.