Public Health Violations and COVID-19

With the rise of global pandemic COVID-19, increasingly strict restrictions on movement and self-imposed isolation have become prevalent as both state and local governments scramble to control what could quickly become a national disaster. Out of concern for the...

Help! I’ve Been Pulled Over

When an officer pulls over a driver with reasonable suspicion that they have committed a crime or an infraction, the officer has a certain amount of time in which they can prolong the traffic stop. In a 2014 court case named Rodriguez v. United States, the Supreme...

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After three wonderful years in the Bank of America building, we have moved. We feel this new location will be easier to find, more convenient, and more comfortable for you and your family.

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Driving while impaired is one of the most serious charges you can incur.

Man being tested for sobriety


Find out with a free consultation how Gibson Law can help you and your family.


Remember, paying the ticket is the same as pleading guilty. Check with us first to ensure your rights

Family and Civil

Gibson Law can help with your family law needs , simple divorce, and landlord/tennant matters.